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My work.


Ravens was devised at the University of South Florida in 2014, and is written for a cast of nine women. 


The two-act play traces the story of three American women across three different eras:


At the outbreak of the American Civil War, Ellen Schafer supports travellers escaping slavery on the Underground Railroad in East Tennessee ; in 1927 Harlem, African-American Cabaret Arist Ida Milsom falls in love with a young white woman from the wealthy side of Manhatten; and in contemporary Florida, a Cuban family's traditional views of womanhood are challenged.


Ravens is an exploration of young womens' lives in relation to tradition, class, love, race, and sexuality. The raven is used as a motif, symbolic of transformation, as according to its place in Native American lore.



Set in London c. 2020, Culling explores British society under increased economic pressure due to a contagious viral strain. The development of a cure by injection has been costly and resources are limited.


An allocation system has been devised whereby citizens are given hierarchical status according to their occupation. This system dictates who receives the injection first.


The film investigates the effect of this on the prison system. Criminals have been categorised; the greater the crime, the higher the category. Those in the highest category must pass a short interview with a Tester in order to receive the injection.


Culling begins when Robin Howarth, prisoner, meets the woman he believes to be a doctor, the person he believes will administer his cure. Instead, he meets an imposter searching for a loved one, accidentally finding herself in the most disturbing moral position she could ever imagine.



Founded in 2010, For Books' Sake is an intelligent but irreverent UK webzine dedicated to promoting and celebrating writing by women.


As the Contributing Editor for Theatre, TV and Film, I have had the privilege of interviewing some of the UK's most exciting women writers.

Black Maria is a two-act play based on the life of Mary Ann Cotton, a woman convicted of serial murder by poisoning in the late 19th century.


Academics and researchers are now questioning the legitimacy of her trial, and pointing to the power of the press campaign surrounding the case.


The play investigates the role of the media in dispersing interpretive narratives. This is an exploration of the dark side of the Victorian press, and the power of myth and narrative.


Using verbatim testimonies and new research on the case, the play aims to challenge perception and investigate the real legacy of a fascinating historical event.



In 2013, Methuen published The Methuen Drama Book of Suffrage Plays by researcher, actress and academic Naomi Paxton.


The collection celebrates a small-but-perfectly-formed selection of the huge variety of plays which were created by the Actresses’ Franchise League from 1908 – 14. 


To celebrate the launch of this exciting collection, Paxton teamed up with SLG Productions to present a promenade performance through London's Theatre Land. The performance included work from the collection, as well as showcasing work from contemporary women writers. It featured a beautiful performance of 'The Sleepless Woman', a character piece exploring the life of a suffragette on the night of the 1912 Census.


You can read more about the event in my article here.



Living Literature Events,

2007 - Present


These are site-specific events produced by 

Scary Little Girls: part self-guided tour, part promenade performance.


Audiences are given a specially written route to follow, which not only directions them but also points out hints and histories about where they are, and as they walk they encounter actors who perform poems or short extracts of prose as short-plays.




As a gifted linguist, Nina had enjoyed a successful international career. Now, an ex-convict, she waits inside her London tower block for life to find her.


Her only comfort is the voice of her next door neighbour - a striking reminder of her former lover, Alex, who still serves his sentence on the other side of the capital. Her eavesdropping turns into a dark obsession.


When she takes her only job offer, she meets the mysterious Idoya. Oblivious to the connections between her new post and the man next door, Nina becomes entwined in a complex series of events that are to change her life forever... for the past is inextricably linked with the present.


The novel is told in four voices.

Medium Helen Duncan is the toast of 1930s London.  


Her performances wow the city as she materialises the dead through grotesque skill… until famed investigator Harry Price, determines to prove her a fake through a series of scientific examinations. 

Performed to critical acclaim at The Guilded Ballon, Edinburgh Festival in 2008, and then taken on UK tour in 2009, The Riotshow Grrrls Club celebrates the riotious lives and loves of Madame Magdalene and Mistress Lilith. Everyone wants to be in their club.


Putting the “camp” squarely into “campaigning”, these heroines don frankly improbable frocks and go ram-raiding through some of womankind’s – and music’s – most empowering moments.

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