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"The production of Kate Kerrow’s wonderful adaptation is a masterpiece which artfully sidesteps the pitfalls which could swallow up less accomplished companies [...] This is a very grown-up 'Dracula' for our times with a strong female lead." Click here for full review.

The Oxford Times


"Defiantly non-traditional, both in its promenade format and its comprehensive reimagining of dialogue and narrative." Click here for full review.

The Guardian

“Witty, satirical… an hilarious mix.” 

The Observer


“This is a mysterious and brilliant play about a fascinating subject, embracing the past whilst being both modern and immediate.”

Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Playwright

"... this is a comic, musical, charming, immaculate recounting of the original Brothers Grimm fairytale"

The Oxford Times


“I found myself utterly hooked. Kate creates such a dark world and the relationships here are deep and bleak, crafted beautifully by her dialogue.”

Clare Slater, The National Theatre

“Sparkling wit... The cabaret elements aren’t just a foil to get bums on seats, but a sideways approach to the complex issues of the male gaze.” 

The List


“... an assured, well-constructed and theatrical exploration of a fascinating historical event ... the writing is restrained, taut ... the story it tells is one ripe for dramatisation."

The Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting, Manchester Royal Exchange


“Kate Kerrow’s terrific script shines a light on a little-seen area of recent cultural history and reveals an exquisitely-told, amazing and moving human story.”

Mark Bentley, Novel Theatre


“We admired its strongly drawn characters. What a fascinating subject matter… the ideas are powerfully portrayed.”

Theatre Royal and Drum Plymouth


"Kate is an artistic facilitator for our growth and is unfailingly generous in her efforts to innovate and support the company." 

Scary Little Girls Productions

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